Hottest track out right now hands down

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These boys never disappoint, good to see them back at it gettin reaalllllll greezzzy.  

“Gun clear the line like pro active clear ditty face..”  What?  Filthy. 



Hipsters, Horny Bums & Injured Japanese Men

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 So I live in the west vill above the so called “best” japanese restaurant in the city and recently saw this sign on the door. Now I havent eaten there but when I see a sign like this I’m assuming there was an incident involving fingers and a sharp knife.  Ok, sorry homey you lost of a couple phalanges dicing some toro but “within a week?” Stuff those nubs in a spicy tuna roll and get back to fucking work.  


I stumbled across this guy the other night down by city hall having in a night cap. And by night cap I am referring to the age-old cocktail of the New York Post coupled with a splash of a large vagina.  

North Bronx bird feeding lady.  !00% what my wife turns into. 


Beer ass and a boot. Living in harmony. 


While I have been coming around on Williamsburg lately, it is in fact filled with dirty, no good modern day hippies.   Stop taking acid and drinking micro brews and get a job.



Georgia Tech Has A Fucking Waterslide

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Was just in the 404 visiting a long lost college buddy and stumbled across something amazing…  Georgia Tech has a massive water slide in their student rec center.  A fucking water slide?  Really?  God I HATE the college decision I made.  A shitball little business school in Massachusetts.  I mean the mere notion that a large school OUTSIDE of the Northeast might be so fucking awesome didn’t even cross my mind.  Yeah yeah the friends I made are great.  Whoopty fuckin do.  I love you guys but come on, things could have been SO much better.  Our school is the college equivalent of swimming in jeans.  Sure an improptu alcohol fuel romp in a pool seems like a great idea but the second you hit the water you are filled with more regret then Sarah Palin admitting on live television that she slept with Joe Six-Pack at a rest stop on the Jersey Turnpike.

Calm and Collective

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My boy just sent me a link to this kid Cool Calm Pete and his shit is pretty fire.  The young buck is worth checking out.  Peep these two tracks.  Or dont.  Or fuck yourself.  



Fashion Weak Footy: A Crappy Montage

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More shit for you to enjoy.  If you do indeed end up enjoying this post, then you’ll most definitely hate this site :



Fashion Weak Footy: Meatpacking Creep

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Just another creep with a foot fetish but hey, its been a fucking couple months, give me some time to shake the rust off.

CB is Back! (again)

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Yeah I know it’s been a while and you all, by all I mean Adam, have been a patiently awaiting my return.   CB is moving to Vlog status because, well, I like making movies.  And my voice needs to be heard.  So sit back and enjoy my tomfoolery.