Madvillainy “2” Box Set

Madlib just redid Doom’s Madvillainy with new beats (over the original lyrics), also slipping in some new instrumentals.  In honor of this momentous occasion, Stones Throw is releasing a limited edition box that includes the following:

CD Madvillainy “2” The Madlib Remix. 25 tracks.

7-INCH “One Beer (Drunk Version)” Madlib’s original 2004 version, lost until recently on the floor of his Bomb Shelter studio.

CASSETTE The Madvillainy Demo Tape. 12 tracks, 36 minutes. This is the first and only official release of the infamous Madvillain demo that “leaked into cyberspace,” while the album was still in progress, as DOOM alludes to in the lyrics of “Rhinestone Cowboy.”

T-SHIRT Nominated. Best Rolled L’s. Madvillain shirt

COMIC BOOK Meanwhile… the continuation of the All Caps video, included with the CD.

12x13x3 inches. Wrapped in silver like a mask.

You can pre-order for $125 on right now till 8/15 and it ships on 9/15. Love that T-Shirt but otherwise I really have no use for anything else it offers.  You can just cop the mp3 version of the album on the site for $9.99 and forget this jive.  I’ll post a review tomorrow once I’ve had time to run through the 25 tracks a few times.


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